Bank On Arkansas+ Financial Institution Partners

Bank On Arkansas+ Steering Committee

Karama Neal, Southern Bancorp Community Partners, Co-Chair

Alden Napier, Credit Counseling of Arkansas, Co-Chair

Pam Garrett, Diamond Lakes Federal Credit Union, Liaison to the Accounts, Products, and Services Sub-Committee

Russell Carey, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, Liaison to the Marketing, Outreach & Communication Sub-Committee

Kent Broughton, Clinton School of Public Service, & Maret Cahill Wicks, United Way of Central Arkansas, Liaisons to the Community Partners & Plus Partners Sub-Committee


Bank On Arkansas+ Coalition

Leaders of financial institutions, nonprofits, grantmaking organizations, and government agencies across Arkansas have joined together to form the Bank On Arkansas+ Coalition. 


Please contact Kara Wilkins, director of Bank On Arkansas+, at or (501) 712-0818 to learn more about and join the Coalition.

Bank On AR+ is supported by the following sponsors: